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Margot– Harlesden

Find excellent care delivered. Quite happy with the service as a whole.
July 2019

Jo– Harlesden

The carers are generally a very pleasant group of people. They listen to my suggestions and I rarely have to repeat my wishes.
July 2019

K – Wembley

Very agreeable and helpful and understanding
July 2019

CD – Kensal Green

I am happy with the carers
July 2019

A – Wembley

If the carers were running late because of traffic they would always call to let the family know.
June 2019

Davis Family – Wembley

Outstanding and consistent care provided over many months. Complete patience, attention and timekeeping , was always very reassuring and we feel very fortunate that our father received your care.
May 2019

M L – Sudbury

All round excellent service
May 2019

The Chorarias – NW2

Thank you to both you and your team for the care that you kindly provided to our Ma and the support that you provided to us through this difficult time.
April 2019

P J – HA0

Very friendly, helpful, polite and caring staff.
April 2019

V Herbert – HA9

The carers are lovely people who talk to you.
April 2019

A King – NW10

The care my father has received is second to none. The carers are caring, compassionate and an asset to the company.
March 2019

C Pichard

Lucky to have found h+b homecare services. I cannot praise them enough. Every one of the carers do a wonderful job.
February 2019

J O’Discall

Carers have provided a fantastic support showing high regard for dignity. They have provided excellent advice and have been a great support system. They are friends as well as carers
February 2019

J Levason – NW6

Veronica is 100% reliable if any changes have to be made, if she is made aware. All carers have been pleasant and unobtrusive in our home.
October 2018

P Singh – NW10

Very good. Very co-operative and caring staff. They are patient and kind.
September 2018

B Johnson – Wembley

Very pleased with the high level of care provided to my father. The care team are experienced, skilled, patient and sensitive in their approach. I feel confident my father’s care needs are met and reassured by the high quality of care shown.
September 2018

A Breen – Wembley

Good company, good service
September 2018

Sara – Sudbury

All of the carers looking after mum have been brilliant. Very respectful, loving and caring. They work very hard.
August 2018

A Davis – Alperton

The carers are very good and friendly. The service is reliable which is very helpful.
July 2018

S Morrison – Wembley

Generally fine, we have no issues. Staff have been accommodating about our needs.
April 2018

Kustow family – Willesden

Through the last few weeks of mum’s life you gave us wonderful support and a great deal of strength through your knowledge and wisdom. Thank you for all you have done. We are all so very grateful for all the wonderful care you all gave mum.
April 2018

Violet – NW10

Excellent. Carers are caring and kind, very friendly and so good at their roles. Keep up the good work.
March 2018

Rachel – Willesden

Thank you so much for coming to Mums funeral on Tuesday. I cannot start to tell you how much we appreciated all the palliative care team; the love, professionalism and care you all showed for mum. You made it possible for her to live her final months comfortably in her own home. I could not be more grateful to you.
March 2018

Monica – Wembley

Professional, compassionate, everything we needed at this time.
March 2018

A Pearce – Wembley

Very helpful and caring. Very good carers, polite and friendly.
March 2018

Delroy – Sudbury

We are delighted with the all-round care, compassion and kindness given by all carers. They are easy to speak to always and are true professions.
Feb 2018

C Griffin – Sudbury

Thank you so much. The care that dad received at home was absolutely outstanding. The kindness and dedication that you all show is very humbling. Keep up all the good work.
Feb 2018

DB – Sudbury

All the staff have been caring and professional. Always come with a smile and do all they have to do with a lot of care.
Feb 2018

W Bonner – Wembley

Perfection. Wicked.
Jan 2018

M Murphy – NW2

Excellent professional care.
Jan 2018

R Bunger – Brondesbury Park NW6

The teams of palliative carers are exceptional. They are very patient and complete their tasks with the highest degree of professionalism. They show immense understanding and compassion for the family and will answer any questions. We could not be more satisfied with and appreciative of this service. We are in awe of the wonderful service that you offer.
Jan 2018

F Menezes – Harlesden NW10

It is a very good service
Jan 2018

Mr Sheehan – NW2

Very happy. Wonderful ladies.
Jan 2018

Melva – London

I found all the carers to be very thoughtful and caring when dealing with me. I enjoy them coming and value the conversations that we have. My family are very grateful in the way that they handle me and show respect to us all.
Suggestion: just continue to employ carers that are warm, friendly, pleasant and caring, such as Felicia and Deborah who show that they are passionate about their role. Thank you

J Augustus

As a family we have not been in a position before to use this service. It is a much invaluable service which has exceeded our expectations and we are very much grateful to receive it. Thank you.

Saroj – London

Very good service – no improvement needed

Sarah – London

Overall, a good service.

Patricia – London

Absolutely happy with the service and comfortable talking with the nurses. The service and care provided is top class.

C Stuart – London.

Excellent workers, attentive to listen and observe, carry out their tasks with compassion, very good relationship with client and family. Very pleased with their nursing care. Needs met or referred to appropriate service


Excellent service

Daniel – London

All the carers we had were very good. They were personable and considerate to my mother’s needs.

Mr C

I thought the service was excellent and certainly helped me tremendously during what was a challenging experience. There is always room for improvement but I would suggest you continue in the very professional manner that you do. Thank you

Arnold – London

Excellent in every way. The carers were very friendly and compassionate in every way. They were kind and considerate to the family and were always gentle in their handling of my wife. I rate them very highly indeed.

Rebekah – London

Very professional caring ladies who do a very good job. Excellent service – thank you for treating my Nan with dignity, care and love

Valerie – London

All the carers are very friendly and attentive to mums needs – always with a smile. We feel that the care service is of excellent standard

Sue Johnson

Fabulous Service

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